Why do we gain weight? Is it a natural phenomenon!

Weight is one important issue that governs the whole fitness of your body. For many individuals who are quite obsessed about their weight always ask the question, “Why do we gain weight ?”. There are various reasons that are responsible for weight gain after certain age. The most common or frequent is the decreasing physical abilities that results in decreased metabolic rate. There is also a psychological change within the body that affects the composition.

Changes that comes with age

With age every individual reduces their working abilities and becomes casual about regular exercises. Along with such gender, per day calorie consumption, lifestyle, muscle mass and genetics adds up your overall weight. It is mostly after the age of thirty that you tend to gain weight which by the age of 60 or 70 reaches to a plateau. To keep that weight in check it is important to follow proper lifestyle and fitness regimes.

Several factors result in weight gain

With age several organs and performance of the body declines resulting in weight gain. It mostly starts around the age 30. The metabolic rate, muscle masses increases and especially for individuals with chronic diseases declines at a significant rate. But it has been proved that regular physical exercises, different weight training programs and other activities helps in controlling the weight.

Dieting is not the only way

The most general perception amongst individual suffering from weight gain is that dieting can help to control the weight, but this is not always true. Even at cases too much of dieting can lead to muscle mass gain. With excessive dieting the metabolic rate of the body decreases and can decline other activities within the body. So make sure proper exercises and other fitness programs are also carried out alongside dieting.

For some individuals excessive eating or too much intake of calories than what is required can cause weight gain. It is important to control your appetite after you cross the age or forty. This will ensure less calorie consumption and effectively stop from fat accumulation within the body. This minute changes are quite helpful for stooping the gain of body weight.

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