What You Need to Know about Fat Loss Supplements for Women

Fat loss supplements for women are considered as a helpful addition to a healthy diet and exercise program. Healthy diet, training, rest and recovery time are essential elements of an exercise routine. When you have included all these elements in your weight loss program, then you can begin considering introducing supplements to your list.

Take note of the fact that these supplements should not be used in order to make up for inadequate exercise or lack thereof as well as low quality diet plan. Supplements will only be effective when your training and diet plans are optimal.


L-Glutamine is the most bountiful amino acid in the muscle cells. The muscles release this amino acid when stressed (during workouts) and dieting. It helps defend the muscles from the catabolic actions of cortisol. Because it has anti-catabolic properties and it has the ability to speed up glycogen synthesis after exercising, L-Glutamine should be taken twenty to thirty minutes after working out, together with a protein shake.

Whey Protein

It is considered as the best and most bioavailable protein source. Whey protein is a fast absorbing protein so it is one of the most popular fat loss supplements for women. Whey protein helps in building and rebuilding muscle after working out.


Branched chain amino acids are beneficial in maximizing anabolic activity. They control the secretion of nitrogen, which helps the protein synthesis in your muscle. They also assist the muscles in reducing breakdown or catabolism. BCAA are essential leucine, aminos, valine and isoleucine. It is recommended to take four to eight grams of BCAA before working out and another four to eight grams after working out. While taking lesser amounts of BCAA is also beneficial, if your workout plan involves arduous exercises, it is best to take higher dosage. Taking this supplement right away before or while doing your exercises will increase its efficiency.

Chromium Picolinate

This supplement is required to assist the body in maintaining the right insulin function. Athletes are recommended to use this supplement because intense exercise and calorie control can produce chromium depletion. Recent studies have shown that it can lessen carbohydrate cravings and help in weight loss.


Multivitamin supplements are probably the most essential supplement that must be taken by athletes and bodybuilders. If one’s body is lacking just one of the important minerals and vitamins, more than one thousand enzymatic and chemical processes inside the body could be damaged because every mineral and vitamin is in charge for tons of biochemical reactions such as hormonal formation.

Fish Oil

This is a natural source of EFAs or omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 is considered as a vital nutrient in sustaining a healthy nervous system and a healthy brain. Fish oils are also known to play a part in having a healthy heart and flexibility of joints as well as sustaining healthy nerve, brain and visual function. It is recommended to take two servings of fish oil everyday in order to help in weight loss.

Keep in mind that in order for fat loss supplements for women to work, you need to adapt a healthy lifestyle that can enhance your everyday activities.

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