Vegetables that help in losing weight effectively

Losing excessive weight of body is challenge for every obese and overweight people. It has been observed in many cases that people won’t reach to their goals of weight loss even after doing work out or exercise. What do you think what could be reason for not reaching goal of weight loss. Might this reason is not being told by everyone to lose weight of body one has to do physical exercise along with proper diet. Diet control plays an important role in losing excessive weight followed by physical workout. Workout help in burning extra calories, fats and toning your body and proper diet help in balancing nutrient content of the body and won’t allow you to feel weak. Here is the list of vegetables that you can add in your diet while weight loss program which work s catalyst while doing workout.


The most common vegetable which is available in all vegetable market is cabbage. This is the vegetable which you can eat raw or boiled, you can add this vegetable in your salad also. Whenever you have hunger cravings then a bowl of cabbage salad will work as snacks for you. Cabbage helps in increasing metabolic rate of body and help in burning extra fats and calories.

Another common vegetable available in market is fenugreek leaves, due to its bitter taste it is not so popular but definitely it help in losing weight of body. Fenugreek leaves are rich source of fiber that help in detoxify your body and prevent you from constipation. Along with fiber content it also fulfills the requirement of vitamin K and calcium.

Every dietitian advice to add green leafy vegetables in your diet during your weight loss program, adding spinach in your diet is one of the good options. Spinach is the green vegetable that fulfills the body requirement of vitamin C and vitamin A and it also rich in antioxidants which help in removing free radicals from body and detoxify the body.

Winter is the season in which you want to eat something hot and tasty which may affect your weight loss program. Carrot is one of the seasonal vegetables that you can enjoy in winter and your weight loss program will also not affect. To get its actual benefits it’s good to eat raw carrot, you can add it in to your salad or you can also have juice of carrot. It provides you nutrition and keep you full fill.

Cauliflower is the vegetable which is loved by everyone, this is the vegetable which is not only help you in losing weight of body but also keep you away from hunger cravings. Since cauliflower takes time to digest it keep your gut fulfill and satisfy for long time. Cauliflower is one the good vegetables for obese people since it provide relief in edema.

While weight loss program it is advisable to avoid pulses and lentils since it take time to digest. But sprouted lentils or beans on the other hand advised to add positively in your weight loss program. Sprouts are rich source of fibers and proteins which help n detoxify your body and also help in building muscles and new cells of body. It is good to eat sprouts after workout or exercising.

Cucumber is the vegetable which is used as salad in all kitchens. This is the vegetable which also fulfill the requirement of roughage, fiber and water. After excessive workout you will feel hot since heat coming out due to burning of calories. Eating cucumber daily will give you cooling effect and also maintain the level of water in your body. Since cucumber is also rich source of fiber it helps in preventing from constipation and won’t allow fats accumulate in body.

It is always advisable to remove all carbohydrate rich foods from diet but adding sweet potato in your diet is one of the smart decisions. Sweet potato is sweet in taste so it fulfill the requirement of eating sweets and it is rich source of fiber content hence help in removing extra fats and calories from the body. Due to its sweet taste sweet potato can help you to control cravings for sweet dishes.

Add broccoli in your diet to lose weight of body. Broccoli is the vegetable which is rich source of calcium and least source of fats. Whenever you feel like enjoy a bowl of hot soup then add broccoli along with other green vegetables or just in a bowl of tomato soup. This will not only add taste but also make it a healthy bowl of soup and keep your gut satisfied for long time.

Adding celery in your daily diet is also one of the smart decisions. Celery is the vegetable which is rich in protein, fiber and water and the best part is it does not contain fats in it. Just like cucumber, celery also provides cooling effect to body and it also fulfills the requirement of protein. One can add celery in their salad.

Peppers add taste in your food and dish. Yellow, red and orange pepper not only adds taste but also keep you away from sweets cravings. Yes, you heard it right whenever we heard about pepper then picture of spicy food appear in our mind but yellow, red and orange pepper are sweet in taste and keep you fulfill for long time and prevent you from cravings of sweet.

Whenever you want to cook something healthy but you don’t want to lose taste then onion is the first vegetable that comes in your mind. We all know every salad and dish is incomplete without onion, so don’t get hesitate while using onion in your dish. You can eat it raw as salad or you can add it in cooked food.

Whenever you have hunger cravings then just prepare a bowl of 4C’s i.e. cucumber, capsicum, celery and cabbage. Chop each raw vegetable and mix it all in a bowl then to add flavor you can add lemon juice and pinch of black pepper. This healthy bowl of 4C’s will keep you fulfill for long time and prevent you from hunger cravings.

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