Green Coffee Beans

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

Green Coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted, hence the green appearance in their natural, raw state. When coffee beans are roasted, recognisable for the distinctive taste and colour for our daily cup of coffee, they lose a naturally occurring antioxidant-rich compound called chlorogenic acid. Their effects were featured on the world famous Dr Oz TV show which highlighted these findings as it is believed by diet and health professionals that chlorogenic acid can significantly give a boost to weight loss, (some studies have shown up to double the weight lost when compared with dieters not taking any supplement) which is why green coffee beans are now found in so many weight loss products.

Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans

Drinking green coffee beans as a beverage would be very unappetising and is reported to have quite a bitter flavour, which is why green coffee extract is used in many supplements to help boost weight loss.

How Can Green Coffee Beans Aid Weight Loss?

This chlorogenic acid reduces the amount of glucose in the blood by using it as energy; the body then has to burn fat cells as energy by thermogenesis, which then leads to weight loss.

The chlorogenic acid slows down the process of the glucose entering the bloodstream reducing the fat absorption which then leads to weight loss. Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid can help the liver to break down the fat faster.

Green coffee bean extract could help to lower the levels of insulin which helps to improve metabolism and control weight maintenance, ideal for people who struggle to sustain their weight.

Additional Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans

The antioxidants in green coffee beans act as a shield against environmental influences and harmful free radicals, even helping to prevent premature ageing.

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract can also help reduce hypertension (high blood pressure) and reduce the risk of heart conditions. Chlorogenic acid is also proven to help prevent type 2 diabetes which is often caused through being overweight and having high blood pressure.

It can have favourable effects on diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and helps to relieve inflammation.

What To Look For In A Good Green Coffee Bean Extract

There are a few recommended guidelines to look for when choosing a green coffee supplement, the first thing to check is that the product contains either Svetol or GCA, these are the only extracts that have been clinically proven to work. Also ensure that the concentration of Chlorogenic acid is at least 45% to be effective.

As for dosing, the recommended amount to take is at least 400mg 3 times a day.
Green Coffee Bean Extract is suitable for virtually all, there have been no side effects reported, however experts do suggest that if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or under 16 that you should seek medical advice before taking any form of green coffee in supplement form.

How Much Weight Could I Lose By Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract

Experts suggest that between 1 and 2lbs can be lost per week without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle or diet.

What Wikipedia say about CContent of green coffee seeds

The term “green coffee seed” refers to unroasted mature or immature coffee seeds. These have been processed by wet or dry methods for removing the outer pulp and mucilage, and have an intact wax layer on the outer surface. When immature, they are green. When mature, they have a brown to yellow or reddish color, and typically weigh 300 to 330 mg per dried coffee seed. Nonvolatile and volatile compounds in green coffee seeds, such as caffeine, deter many insects and animals from eating them. Further, both nonvolatile and volatile compounds contribute to the flavor of the coffee seed when it is roasted. Nonvolatile nitrogenous compounds (including alkaloids, trigonelline, proteins and free amino acids) and carbohydrates are of major importance in producing the full aroma of roasted coffee, and for its biological action. Since the mid 2000s green coffee extract has been sold as a nutritional supplement, and has been clinically studied for its chlorogenic acid content and for its lipolytic and weight-loss properties.

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