Fruits in Your Diet to Reduce Body Weight

Include Fruits in Your Diet to Reduce Body Weight

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Dietitians always advised for balanced diet during weight loss program. Many of us stop eating food for losing weight which is not correct. Dieting does not mean stop eating food or leave food for some time in order to lose weight. Dieting simply means to replace high caloric food with less caloric or no caloric food which can digest easily and also fulfill all requirements of nutrients. Whenever the question comes to replace food with no caloric food then fruits are the first word that comes in mind. Fruits are real friend in weight loss program which fulfill all your nutrient requirements and keep you satisfy for long time and also help in detoxify your body.

Fruit Diet for Weight Loss

Let’s discuss in detail about all fruits that you can add in your diet for effective weight loss.



Since childhood you must have heard a phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Have you ever heard about an apple a day keeps your calories away. Apple is one of the fruit which is available in all seasons in fruit market which not only provide you medical benefits but also keep you slimmer. It is one of the rich sources of fiber, vitamin and minerals which help in removing extra calories from your body and fulfill the requirement of vitamins and minerals in the body.



Banana is also fruit which is available throughout the year in fruits market. If you are really confuse about your breakfast that from which fruit you will replace your breakfast to make it healthy then banana is one of the good choice for replacement of breakfast. Banana is rich source of Iron and vitamin B6 which helps in improving your immune system and help in reducing weight of body. Breakfast with banana can help in improving your waistline.



Pears are another fruit which you can add in your list for losing weight of body. It has highest fiber content as comparison to other fruits which keep you satisfy for long time and also due to its sweet taste you will not have cravings for sweets. Pears also help in reducing cholesterol level of body and prevent from heart diseases.



Eat a hand full of blueberries daily, this will not only help in reducing weight of body but this tiny fruit also have many other medical benefits on body. Obese people have more chances of heart disease since they have high cholesterol level. Blueberries can help in reducing the cholesterol level and also prevent from many other diseases like hypertension etc. Blueberries also fight with fat cells and won’t allow fats accumulate in body.



Kiwi is also another fruit that can promote weight loss of body. Kiwi is rich in insoluble dietary fibers that help in losing weight of body effectively. Kiwi has different taste with little sweetness and little sour due to which it is being loved by many people. Kiwi keep you satisfied for long time and keep your gut fulfill for long.



Among families of berries strawberry is another fruit that help in losing weight of body. Strawberry helps in stimulating fat burning hormones leptin and adiponectin that help in burning extra fats of body. Strawberry also helps in improving metabolic rate of body. Since strawberry is helps in regulating metabolic rate of body and stimulating fat burning hormones it is good to have it before exercise or workout.



Adding at least half grapefruit in your breakfast can help to achieve goals of your weight loss program. Eating grapefruit whenever you feel hungry is not good idea. Having half grapefruit in a day is sufficient to lose weight effectively. This is the fruit which has low caloric value and help you to reach the goal of your weight loss program.



Coconut is the fruit which is being loved by all and one can enjoy coconut any time. Coconut plays important role in losing weight of body since it keep you away from sweets craving. Coconut available in many types like dry fruit, coconut water, coconut milk or one can make use of coconut oil in their food.  If still you don’t want to use coconut in form of oil or dry fruit then you can enjoy the taste of raw coconut also. Coconut also increases metabolic rate of body and won’t allow fats get accumulated in body.



Another fruit to clean your body and get it toned properly is peaches. This is one of the popular fruit because of its sweet and sour taste. This fruit is rich in vitamins, potassium and fibers which not only help in cleaning the body but also help in fulfill the requirement of vitamins in the body. Peaches also consist of antioxidants that help in removing free radicals from body and prevent body from cancer causing cells.



People usually avoid to eat pomegranate because it takes lots of labour to eat but this is the fact that pomegranate has wonderful benefits on human body and consider as one of the best fruits when it talks about weight loss. This fruit helps in increasing metabolic rate of body which helps in burning extra fats and calories of the body. This is the best fruit that help in suppressing your appetite and keep you fulfill for long time. If you have problem of cholesterol than pomegranate is best fruit for you as it helps in reducing bad cholesterol from body.



If you get bored of your daily diet and want something that gives you feeling of unhealthy eating but by nature it is healthy then Mango is the right fruit for you. Among all above listed fruits mango is the fruit which is little rich in sugar content but it is also good source of vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A and dietary fibers.



Orange is also fruit that help in losing weight effectively. Make sure you will not replace the real orange with orange juice since the orange juice is not nutrient rich as orange has. Orange is one of the rich sources of vitamin C and help in increasing metabolic rate of body.



Avocado is also one of good options to add in diet during weight loss program. This is the fruit which is rich in omega 9 fatty acids and increases the metabolic rate of body which help in burning excessive fats and calories of the body.



Whenever you are talking about weight loss then papaya is the fruit which comes in mind since papaya has many nutritional benefits. Papaya has natural enzyme that improve digestion and prevent from constipation. Also papaya is rich source of flavonoids, carotenes and vitamin C. You can add ripe papaya in your fruit salad and raw papaya in your cooked vegetable.

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